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$120 - 1car
$110 - 2cars
$100 - 3cars

Basic In & Out service wash, dry and vacuum.

Our thorough but delicate 2 stage wash ensures only the dirt and dust particles are removed from your car.

The wash is the most important maintenance action in not only keeping your car looking good into the future but also protecting it from deterioration. Cars drive forward so its no surprise that all the dirt is collected at the front and bottom of the car. Stage one concentrate on this area and uses stonger detergents to remove the dirt grime, insects ,tar and dust from the lower part of your car.

Stage two focuses on the upper parts of the body using our specially formulated biodegradable ph neutral detergents. This cleans your car without removing the paint protection, wax or polish that protects the upper duco, so your car is cleaned without damage to the paint or removing its protection.

The interior includes a thorough vacuum.

Finally your car is fully dried using a combination of compressed air, and chamois.


$150 - 1car
$130 - 2cars
$110 - 3cars

Includes the basic2you plus windows in and out, dry cleaning dusting of dash board and console and tyre gloss.

You will also receive that “showroom shine” feeling as your tyres are glossed with a specialised water based conditioner.

The windows are polished to a shine and your dashboard and console will also be dusted to remove any unsightly dust particles to leave your interior, dirt/dust free.

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$180 - 1car
$150 - 2cars
$130 - 3cars

It includes Superior2you clean above plus a teflon coating and sanitisation of the interior cabin.

Get that fresh interior feel with a wet clean and sanitisation of the cabin. A thorough wet clean of all surfaces with a 75% alcohol based agent paying particular attention to touch points.

The exterior gets the famous DuPont Teflon coating, which allows water to bead on the surface for and great shine further protecting your car up to 21* days

Extras - from $50/car

  • Hand Polish High quality British made enhances looks and protection
  • Leather Conditioning a must twice a year to prevent flaking and cracking
  • Matts steam cleaned, freshen the interior by removing all that grime
  • Engine degreased, always runs better when cleaned
  • Spring Clean its the kids the dog, gardening or its just been a while since your last clean.
  • Interior sanitisation
  • Waterless car wash $30

All prices listed are for small to mid. sedans and hatchbacks. Large sedans and Station Wagons from $10 extra. 4WD, Twin cab utes and Vans from $20 extra.

Extra charges: All prices listed are indicative only. Heavily soiled cars that will take extra effort and time will be charge accordingly. Carwash2you reserves the right to change prices without notice or explanation at any time.

Extra: Waterless car wash $30

Disclaimer: Notwithstanding negligence we accept no responsibility for any breakdowns that may occur while the vehicle is in our care. It’s your duty of care to ensure that the vehicle presented to us is safe to be worked on and is mechanically sound and able to withstand the treatment requested. Carwash2you does not guarantee the end result of any work performed as this is governed by many factors beyond our control. All warranties made are done so by the chemical suppliers.

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