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Mobile Car Paint Protection

From $690

The ultimate in protecting your vehicle from the elements. Recent advancements nanotechnology and soluble ceramics in protective films has revolutionized protective coatings for your car. Traditionally cars were protected with waxes such carnauba wax .

This is a naturally occurring wax taken from palm trees, then synthetic polymers were developed that were easier to apply than the waxes, these were blended and called polishes. Polishes clean and protect in the one application.

Paint protection films are a strongly bonding coatings that will seal the surface. They are much longer lasting than any of the above. However they need to be applied to a perfect surface as they will seal in what ever is on the surface. It’s preferred to be applied to new cars or near new. They can be applied to all cars but extensive preparation may be required.

Talk to us we’ll advise what is best for your vehicle.

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