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Mobile Car Paint Correction

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Mobile Car Paint correction, what is it? When do you need it? How do you get it?

In order to understand this read the “cleaning is all science” section.
Before we can answer the above we have to ask what is paint and why do we cover metal objects in it?

Paint is a substance that keeps highly reactive metal surfaces dry, oxygen-free and covered from light. If exposed to these elements metals degrade to their oxides.

Paints are not as reactive to the elements as metal but are subject to the same degradation at a slower rate. This degradation will accelerate as discussed.

with the presence of foreign matter (dirt)on the surface. So the first line of defence is to keep the surface clean. However when this has not happened or the surface has had a lot of exposure to the elements than its time to correct the paint. Correction is essential as the oxidation will accelerate and leave the metal unprotected.

Paint correction is the process of removing the oxidised paint. This dead paint is highly porous and traps dirt and moisture further accelerating the paint deterioration. If you want to know if you have dead paint, check the door pillar, open the door and feel the door pillar and compare that feel to the surface of the roof. If noticeably rougher you have dead paint.

Depending on where, how much and what type a course of action can then be decided.

The treatments available are many depending on what the problem is.
Lets us have a look and we will advise.

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