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Get Your Commercial Cars Washed Expertly

Fresh, clean and shiny company image is important. It’s difficult to keep them clean all the time considering our busy daily schedules. It is essential to get your car professionally cleaned at a regular interval to maintain a high customer perception of your company, especially in such sensitive times in regards to health and safety.

We provide comprehensive fleet car wash services at your site. No time being wasted by your fleet waiting in line at commercial car washes or the risk of damaging your expensive signage at automatic car washes. Our method ensures that your companies’ pristine image is maintained without fading or damage to your signage.

If you’re looking online for a “commercial car wash near me”, here are a few reasons to choose Carwash2you:

Car wash: 

At Carwash2you we emphasise equally on the exterior and the interior of your car, we first start simply by washing your car’s exteriors. Once your car is clean on the outside, we make sure the inside id sanitised and safe for all users. Then we meticulously clean the rest. This includes vacuuming, dusting, removing rubbish and anything else the you require.

We tailor make a service that meets your particular needs and your budget.


When it comes to detailing, we make sure to get rid of minute dirt particles from the surface before proceeding to make it all sanitised and safe. We give your car a high quality 3M treatment to eradicate all impurities from the paintwork. This is then followed by a high-quality polish that is applied by hand and then buff cured. By the time we are done, your car will be shiny and spotless. We specialise in commercial car wash and have exceeded clients expectations for many years.

Paint Correction: 

Often people come to us to inquire about paint correction and whether it’s necessary. While paints are not as reactive to the enviroment as compared to metals, they do degrade over time. Though the process of degradation is slow, it may get accelerated at times due to extreme weather conditions or lack of upkeep and might end up ruining the outside of your car.

In the process of paint correction, we remove the oxidised paint to stop future dilapidation. This usually starts from a small patch but it grows over time. Correcting the paint in its early stages is necessary to avoid big expenses in the future.

Paint Protection: 

Protecting the paint of your car is very important. Once the colour starts to oxidise or peel off, the metal will start to rust, this affects the look of the car and its safety. From being a respected business image to an image disaster, the way your car appears can significantly impact your business image. To protect the paint on your car, we use waxes and several high-end paint protection coatings. We have gained popularity for our commercial car wash services due to our experienced team, latest technology and a flawless track record.

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