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We have the space that your car is parked on and we need space for our van and space to move around both vehicles. So generally a minimum of three parking spaces. We can’t wash cars on public property, it has to be on your property or private property that you have permission to work on.

We need your car and your car keys. Power and water if possible within 30 meters of the vehicle. Please advise if these are not available as we are able to bring our own.

General cleaning of a vehicle takes 30 to 60 minutes from the time of arrival. This depends on how many people will be attending and the condition of the vehicle.

We will advise you when you make the booking but generally, it’s between one to four hours depending on the vehicle and its condition?

The definition varies from meaning a general clean to a full restoration. Historically detailing a vehicle is the act of getting it to showroom condition. It’s all about the endpoint and not about what you do. That’s why it’s difficult to answer how much does a detail cost without having seen the vehicle. Each car will have different requirement of getting it to look as good as it possibly can without paint or panel beating work.

The most important thing by far is regular washing with pH neutral detergents and plenty of water. Weekly is recommended by most car manufacturers.

Adding a barrier on to the manufacturers finished paint has some advantages. This has been practised since the first automobiles rolled off factory floors. Natural waxes were used initially followed by synthetic polymers. In the last decade new synthetic materials which last longer than the previous ones have been discovered. Their effectiveness still depends very much on your maintenance routine. Regular washing is still recommended to get the most out of your coating. Professional application is key.

Bird droppings, sap, concrete and tar still have to be removed quickly to prevent damage to the coating and the vehicle. Yes, they do help in keeping your vehicle looking new.

The steering wheel is one of the dirtiest objects we encounter in daily life. It is constantly been fed germs through our hands, coughing, breathing, sneezing and it is rarely cleaned. Wipe your steering wheel and other touchpoints in your cabin with hand sanitiser on a regular basis. This is the first job we do on arrival to keep our staff and you safe.

We buy cars from dealers even though we know that they charge more than private sellers, why?

Because we are lured to shiny, gleaming objects, and we hate other peoples dirt. Of course, there are many other benefits that dealers provide, but this is one of the principal reasons as to why we buy from dealers, because they detail their cars.

Get your car fully detailed by a professional, for every dollar you spend you’ll get at least two back.

Shine lost can be due to

1. Oxydation of the surface, most common.
2. Hair line scratches, wind sand, brush car washes.
3. Foreign matter contamination:- Sap, tar, concrete, sand, acid rain, bird dropping etc.

There many different reasons why your vehicle may have lost its lustre. The important thing is to determine what is the cause and then choose the correct treatment. There are as many treatments as there are causes.
We will advise you as to the best course of action.

Cut and polish should be the treatment of last resort. To often it is seen as the solution to all paint problem. Cut and polish should be seen as the surgery to rid the cancer, quite often it’s not cancer at all and other less aggressive treatments are better.

Cut and polish when the paintwork is rough due to oxidised paint. This is dead porous paint. This should be done by a trained professional.

Our washing will not affect your paint protection, it will increase and maintain your paint protection. All our detergents are soft and ph neutral. Our first priority is the protection of the vehicle.

We are happy to use the detergent you supply, however, we strongly recommend that ours is better. We have done 10s of thousands of car washes and know what works best.

No that’s not true. Automatic car washes damage your vehicle so the total cost of keeping your car in good condition is greater in the long run. The human hand applies gentle proportionate targeted pressure to dislodge dirt, while machines apply maximum general pressure to the entire surface. This causes damage to the vehicle.

Brush car washes rub the solid hard dirt on your car into the paintwork causing damage. Hand car washing removes it with rinsing before washing.

Touchless car washes use strong chemicals to dislodge the dirt, etching the surface of your car, ever so slightly each time you use it. Hand car washing uses gentle hand pressure and mild surfactants to dislodge dirt.

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